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Rick Rhoads, Pharm.D. Pharmacist & Creator of BioRenew Skincare

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Scam: Ingredients Rank at the Bottom

by RICK RHOADS, Pharm.D.

Menopausal Woman

Random pic alert - explanation at end of article

I think I can explain it very easily.

When you are selling products for $60 or $70, you better be able to deliver.

This is nothing new, I have written many times on this blog about high priced scams when the marketing is excellent but the product is terrible.

How did Arbonne ingredients rank?

When it comes to Arbonne, I am downright frustrated!

We often survey many of our new customers about which products they used just prior to finding us. One of the most common responses is: Arbonne.

This prompted me to look into the products because so many of our patients decided to pay a high price, believing they were going to get results.

The easiest way to take a peek behind the curtain, so to speak, is to look at their ingredient list. This is usually overlooked because most people don’t know how to search through ingredients.

We analyzed the Intensive Renew Serum by Arbonne which is priced at $58 for 1 fl.oz.

The first active skin ingredient is found at the bottom of the list!

After searching through dozens of so called “skin conditioning agents” and “emulsifiers”, you finally come to Retinyl Palmitate.

This is the very first legitimate active ingredient.

The 28th ingredient on the list!

That’s right. Not the 2nd or 8th ingredient but the 28th ingredient.

In other words, Arbonne used 27 other “skin conditioning” ingredients and emulsifiers before they added one drop of an anti-oxidant.

This means that the active ingredient potencies are VERY low.

The fool proof way to avoid getting ripped off.

So, here is what you can do to make sure your anti-aging skin care will deliver results.

Besides asking the right questions, try a sample of any expensive product before purchasing.

Take a before photo and when you run out of your sample in a week or two, take another photo.

If you and your friends don’t notice a visible difference in your skin, I would think about choosing a different product.

An advanced skin care product should deliver visible results in a week, and will only intensify over time.

So try it:

  1. Ask for a sample.
  2. Take a before photo.
  3. Use it for a week.
  4. Take an after photo.
  5. Compare Results

Will It Work

I have to admit that I have major doubts about Arbonne because of their lack of integrity in their formulas. I would stay away.

For more information on choosing good products, download my free guide “How to Spot Effective Skin Care In 60 Seconds or Less”.

Update: Explanation of random pic above

Arbonne must have felt very threatened by this article because they demanded that we take it down. We refused to do so but had to remove their product photo at their request. So instead of a nice pic of their product, you get…random lady.

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About the Author: Rick Rhoads, Pharm.D. is a compounding pharmacist and creator of BioRenew Skincare.

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