5 Reasons You Might Not Buy the Best Anti Aging Skin Care

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The truth is that most people get scammed when it comes to anti aging skin care.

The expensive purchase that begins in hope, ends in frustration.

The wrinkle that you wanted diminished...

The age spot that you wanted lightened...

After 1 month, what happend?

Answer: Not much!

How is it so easy to miss the best skin care?

This gets personal for me because I hear the frustration from patients who have yet to find a good skin care line.

Women (and men) are dying to find a skin treatment that will make their skin look younger. They want one that will live up to its claims.

This angers me because I know the science (or lack thereof) in each formula.

There is no reason you should ever buy a bad product again!

If  you want to buy a good anti-aging product, you have to know the reasons that most people don't buy it.

From my experience in talking with hundreds of patients, this is what leads people astray.

The great news is that after this, you will know how to find the product that actually lives up to it's claims.

Here it goes...

1. Bad product, fantastic packaging

Don’t get me wrong. Packaging can be extremely important. It protects the freshness of your product and showcases the benefits of the formulation.

When we formulated BioRenew Skincare, a considerable amount of time was spent on finding the right pumps, jars, and boxes. The packaging should look as professional as your product is. Unfortunately, too many bad products are wrapped up in great packaging with a high sticker price.

What are you left with?

That’s right, a bad skin care product.

Don’t be shy about reading all of the packaging to assess the quality of the product, but don’t put too much stock in a nice box. It’s not the jar and box that will transform your skin but the formula inside.

2. “Umm, why is this $200 for 0.5 ounce?”

We think that expensive products are always great products. High priced skin care is usually backed by phenomenal marketing campaigns and rarely phenomenal formulas. I am often asked about expensive moisturizers like Creme de La Mer. Is it really worth that much?

As a pharmacist who has formulated just about every prescription and non-prescription product available, I almost laugh when I see that kind of pricing.

The reason?

I’ve seen everything, and believe me, nothing (at least not yet) is worth that kind of money.

We attach expense with effectiveness, but that’s not always the case.

3. “Where do I buy the ‘good stuff’?”

Consumers don’t know where to shop.

It sounds crazy that someone would say this in our day and age.

Shopping is EVERYWHERE.

You don’t even have to leave your home and still get access to just about any store in the country.

However, science based skin care might be a little more elusive.

We’ve found that very few department stores carry good products.

Where is a good place to look?

Increasingly, doctors offices are carrying good cosmeceutical skin care lines. It’s a little harder to fool doctors with bogus science, so they tend to carry more potent science based skin care.

(BioRenew is recommended by dozens of anti-aging physicians around the country, including our good friend, Dr. Melinda Silva)

4. It smells amazing but the product stinks! 

Cosmetic manufacturers know that most people make split decisions about products based on their immediate reaction to it.

Why are most products scams?

Because we simply rely on how it feels and smells.

These 2 characteristics are important. You don’t want to apply a product that feels poorly on your skin and smells even worse. However, they're not everything.

You can’t determine how much a treatment will diminish wrinkles or reduce age spots by just rubbing a little on the back of your hand.

You have to ask the right questions. This leads me into my next point.

5. “Ok you sold me, but I’m not sure why”

Do you want to know why cosmetic manufacturers can get away with tacky marketing gimmicks on products that aren’t worth a penny?

We simply don’t know the know the right questions to ask.

Believe me, most cosmetic sales agents would just like to give you their talking points instead of answer challenging questions.

Ask these questions to find the best skin care formulations (write these down)

  • What are the key ingredients?
  • Are they supported by clinical studies?
  • What are the concentrations of ingredients? (most important question, in my opinion)
  • Are the ingredients stabilized?

I have a question for you.

Have you asked any of these questions when purchasing high priced products?

Do you think they will help?

Feel free to comment or email me with questions.

About the Author: Rick Rhoads, Pharm.D. is a compounding pharmacist and creator of BioRenew Skincare.

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Might Not Buy the Best Anti Aging Skin Care”

  • My Fountain of Youth

    I fully agree with you, most of the time when I am looking at these anti-aging products, I always notice the fancy packaging and the expensive prices. It is crazy that people would be so easily swooned by packages and price, but I guess that is the consumer market for you.

  • angela

    What u said is actually right, fantastic packaging but something else inside ...thanks to you cause now I need to ask questions before buying product

  • karen

    "What are the key ingredients?" The answer to this question can be something we as consumers really do not want to know Some companies use animals for testing their products, which can be painful or fatal to the animal. BioRenew does not use animals in their testing of products. Thank you BioRenew!

  • joanie

    I came across this website looking for real reviews on transformation anti aging cream. I really appreciate all of the information you provide here but did want to let you know that when I clicked on the link from one of the comments I was redirected to a website that says "hacked by ..." I did not stay on long enough to see the name of the person because I closed my window very quickly. Now I am concerned that I too have been hacked or may have a virus on my computer though I am not sure that is how it works. Please do not click on the link from my fountain of youth - the link says "the third level of aging:nutrition" I wish someone could tell me if I should be concerned about clicking on this link. As far as your products - I think I will try it but am afraid to put my information on anything now - especially a credit card.

  • Aion

    I have a question about the packaging. As far as I ve undersood the jar packaging is bad. I ve read somewhere that it is ok only if the product is formulated without water but how come your product called Concentrated Evening Repair is in a jar and once you opened that it will be exposed to air and it contains water ?

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