Rick Rhoads, Pharm.D

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Martha Rhoads

The Benefit of Having a Compounding Pharmacist for a Son

When compounding pharmacist Rick Rhoads learned that his mom, Martha Rhoads was dissatisfied with department store creams, Rick put together some special formulations to help her deal with the visible effects of hormonal changes in her skin.

Martha wanted a potent solution that would enhance and maintain the healthy, vibrant complexion she’d always enjoyed and she knew her son understood the complex science behind fluctuating hormones.

Rick’s experience formulating “from scratch” medications in the pharmacy paid off for Martha. Combining tried-and-true top quality ingredients with higher potency levels than previously seen in typical brands, the resulting products delivered Martha benefits that far exceeded anyone’s expectations.

As word has gotten out about the efficacy of these formulations, we’ve seen stellar results in many women just like Martha--and now the BioRenew product line is available for you too.