Tone and Glow Corrective Therapy

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Tone and Glow Corrective Therapy


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A lightweight moisturizer that visibly firms and restores a youthful glow.

For All Skin Types. | 60-90 day supply


Apply sparingly over entire face. Use once or twice daily as a moisturizer.

For best results, use a daytime sunscreen when in direct sunlight.

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Key Sciences

Vitamin C Ester 10%
A potent anti-oxidant that visibly firms and decreases the appearance of uneven skin tone.
Niacinamide 4%
This B-vitamin is proven to have beneficial age-management benefits while visibly lightening skin tone.
Licorice Root 1%
Shown to have significant skin benefits while reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Customer Reviews

Great design..nice product Review by Skin Punta Gorda
Love the closing dispenser....great for travel. (Posted on 11/28/2016)
Great product Review by Sophia
Product really works! (Posted on 4/19/2016)
Best Skin Treatment Ever Review by Susan
This product is amazing. My skin looks better, more youthful, and softer. I had no allergic reactions to it, which is unusual for me. (Posted on 2/11/2016)
Tone and Glow makes you shine Review by wonder woman
Skin felt more firm and tight, yet soft and smooth. (Posted on 11/18/2015)
feels great Review by Polly B
I love how it doesn't go on thick. When I have a hot flash, it doesn't feel like I'm sweating off all that is on my face. I can tell my face loves Tone and Glow! (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Very nice feel Review by Shoshana
I tried a sample and loved it but was less happy with the product when I ordered it. The cream seemed to be lighter in texture than the sample. (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Love Review by Debob
I have only been using it for a few weeks and am already noticing a change in my skin tone. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
Tone and Glow Review by gramma of 7
Product works great (Posted on 5/28/2015)
Improved skin tone Review by Nadine
Lightened blemishes (Posted on 5/11/2015)
Skin looks great Review by Geegaw
I've been getting more compliments on how good my skin looks since I started using Tone and Glow Corrective Therapy. It's evened out my complexion so I rarely use any makeup anymore. Just a lightly tinted serum. (Posted on 5/7/2015)
Getting compliments Review by Suzia
I have been using this for about 2 weeks, it does give my skin a glow and I have had people comment that my skin looks great! (Posted on 4/24/2015)
It works Review by Annie
I have been using the product for several months and can see improvement on my face. (Posted on 1/16/2015)
Soothing & smoothing Review by Joss
I really like the way that this face cream feels when applied & how easily it absorbs into my skin. I don't know yet if it will actually reduce sun spots as I've only used a short while. (Posted on 1/11/2015)
Glow - for sure Review by hotyoga
Evens out skin coloration and moisturizes all in one. Use just one pump of the product. (Posted on 1/10/2015)
Worth the Money Review by Ruth in San Diego
Tone & Glow does a great job of reducing age spots with prolonged use. I've really noticed a difference in my complexion. (Posted on 1/10/2015)
Very nice Review by Di
I would order again (Posted on 1/10/2015)
Tone and Glow and Evening Repair Review by Rachel
I am using both tone and glow and evening repair cream. I am seeing results within the first month. Skin does not seem as dull and dark spots are slightly fading. (Posted on 1/9/2015)
Once again, I'm a believer Review by MB
I've discounted the claims made by skin care manufacturers for years. If all these products were so good, wouldn't we all look like a Disney princess? But this stuff actually does work--which I realized when I saw my husband using it, along with the Intensive Eye treatment. (Posted on 1/9/2015)
❤️ Tone and glow Review by Kim
I love love love love T &G (Posted on 1/9/2015)
Another Great Product Review by Vin Beach Town
For me, the product rounds out my skin care. It balances out my skin and always feels great. It is hard to tell which product is making the most difference when using BioRenew. I continue to get compliments on my skin. (Posted on 1/9/2015)
softens skin Review by Mi
MY SKIN IS NOT DRY NOW. (Posted on 11/29/2014)
Good product Review by Trial doctor
I bought is new and after 2 weeks the pump does not work and I can not use the cream inside. The actual product is good and has helped my skin glow. (Posted on 11/24/2014)
Diminishes skin spots Review by Frances repeat customer
Great product that really works and diminishes dark spots. This product gets 4 stars only because if I use it near my eyes, I get what look like chemical burns, so it's too drying for tender skin around eyes. For eyes, I use the intensive eye treatment. (Posted on 11/22/2014)
Excellent Daily Face Cream Review by LME
Tone and Glow is remarkably light, and does not interact with anything I use after it. My skin is very sensitive, and extremely fair. Tone and Glow does not give me a rash, block my pores or cause me any problems. It far superior than any other daily cream I have ever used. (Posted on 11/22/2014)
daytime use Review by janie
It is not oily and works. (Posted on 10/28/2014)
Best ever! Review by Poway GMA
My sister in-law who works for a dermatologist recommended this product to me saying this was the best thing she ever put on her face. I have been using it for over a year now and agree with her completely! My skin feels so smooth and moist and I feel like it has improved the appearance of my skin. (Posted on 10/22/2014)
Tone and Glow Excellance Review by lori
This product helps me to maintain a wrinkle free face and neck and also creates a rosy glow (Posted on 10/12/2014)
spectacular Review by Glenna
spectacular (Posted on 9/25/2014)
Miracle in a bottle Review by Annie Oakley
I have tried many brands of products and I am over 60 and want to look at least 50, I really think this is going to do the trick! It has made my skin look better and younger in a short amount of time and I love the results and so does my husband!! (Posted on 9/18/2014)
Tone and Glow Review by Job
I wish your packaging allowed me to gauge when The product was almost finished. I hate that last pump and then I go with out for a few days while I order and wait for shipping. (Posted on 9/8/2014)
I was very impressed with the tone and glow therapy Review by Robbie
This product is my favorite. It gives your skin a nice glow without the artificial sparkle I've seen in other products. (Posted on 7/21/2014)
Moisturizer that evens out my skin tone Review by Beth
I started using this product about 6 months ago and I have been so pleased with the results. I am super sensitive to moisturizers that usually leave my skin too oily and I have had acne for years which has left scarring. Tone and Glow not only hydrates my skin without being oily but has reduced my acne scars evening out my skin tone! I'm very impressed and hooked for like!! (Posted on 12/5/2013)
Love this product!!! Review by Lyn
My face is very smooth and seems to be more firm. (Posted on 12/5/2013)
light and non greasy Review by cecilia
like it (Posted on 10/30/2013)
Skin is definitely more glowing Review by mankatonanna
Very nice feel. A little goes a long way... some days it does have a bit of a burn feel. (Posted on 10/27/2013)
works great Review by anti aging cream
great product (Posted on 10/25/2013)
Like the feel of this on my skin Review by Suzee
Can wear alone and has a glistening glow. (Posted on 10/21/2013)
I am thrilled how this product replenishes and retains moisture into my dry skin! I see a noticeable difference in diminishing fine lines in my face! Review by Bev
The Tone and Glow Therapy is the best product I have ever used on my face! I am thrilled my dermatologist recommended this product to me! I am very happy customer! (Posted on 10/18/2013)
Love it! Review by Val
Love all of the products I ordered! Finally my face is not dry, and I have tried them all. These are by far the best products I have ever used! Try them you won't be disappointed! (Posted on 9/26/2013)
It's hard to tell what it's doing - that's why I gave it a 4 Review by none
no more to say (Posted on 8/20/2013)
it is a little i use sparingly, but it seems to evenout skin tone Review by na
na (Posted on 8/19/2013)
Light weight moisturizer Review by Dry skinned lady
Best moisturizer I have ever used! Usually my pores get clogged and I break out. This makes my skin feel flexible yet doesn't clog my pores. Only a very small amount needed so very cost efficient too. Works well under sunscreen and foundation because it doesn't leave your skin shines (Posted on 8/15/2013)
A pleasure to apply Review by Pam
Wow! This is an awesome product. I love applying it as it goes on silky smooth. The dark pigmentation on my cheeks has already lightened after only two weeks. My skin feels smoother and well hydrated and has a glow. I use with the restorative cleanser and overnight moisturizer. I've spent a lot of money on so many products that failed to do what they promised. I've finally found what I've been searching for. Where have you been all my life? (Posted on 8/11/2013)
Nice and Light Review by Cathy
Tone and Glow is a great daily moisturizer. Its so nice and light and feels great on my skin! (Posted on 8/7/2013)
Best ever Review by K. H.
Tone and Glow Corrective Therapy, and all of the Bio Renew products are the best skin care that I have ever used!! (Posted on 8/2/2013)
Love this stuff. Makes a major difference. Review by Susan
I am very inpressed by this product. I notice a difference and so have other people. (Posted on 8/2/2013)
My husband noticed a difference in just a few weeks. :) Review by dito
My husband noticed a difference in just a few weeks. :) (Posted on 7/31/2013)
awsome! Review by Pony
Love this!! (Posted on 7/29/2013)
Super skin product Review by Rebecca
Very good moisturizer especially for sensitive dry skin. Does not make you break out or clog pores (Posted on 7/26/2013)
Great stuff Review by Debbie
This is a great product. Don't need many products to get the same results. (Posted on 7/26/2013)
Love it! Review by Stephanie
I love this product. It gives my skin a nice glow and it didn't take long to notice a difference. I have used a lot of different brands and this one is my favorite! (Posted on 7/15/2013)
This is it! Review by Lee
I love the tone and glow serum. I have been using it for about 6 weeks. Finally a product that did not break out my sensitive skin. It is light, goes on smoothly and absorbs immediately without needing to apply alot. My skin feels clean, firm and hydrated with an even toned glow. (Posted on 5/28/2013)
A must have for me Review by bbchicago
I first tried the tone & glow after receiving a sample. The sample was pretty generous and I only used a little bit at a time so I was able to make it last a week or so which I felt was a sufficient amount of time for me to decide if I should buy the full size. I'm writing a review because I always scout out reviews before I try something. My background is late 30's, light/medium complexion, combination skin, thyroid/hormonal condition that causes melasma on my cheeks. I sometimes have allergic reactions to products as well. I'm always looking for something to help fade my spots as well as be beneficial to my skin. I'm very educated when it comes to skin care products, I don't fall for gimmicks or marketing ploys. I prefer products that are natural, safe and clean for my skin, proven ingredients that work, stable protection from light and air, fragrance, dye, and paraben free. Tone and Glow has everything I'm looking for. I have tried niacinamide for my skin for a few years but did not find a product that worked well for my skin type. Tone and glow is light, there is no real noticeable fragrance, it hydrates my skin and sinks in nicely, and it does not interfere with my makeup or sunscreen application. When my sample ran out I didn't buy the full size right away and I did notice a big difference in my skin. It became drier, pores were more visible, was less "bright", and just overall not as nice as when I was using the tone and glow. Now I have the full size and my skin looks better everyday. I highly recommend you try. I always love companies that offer samples because I despise having to return full size products. I'm also a bit of a science geek and appreciate when products are backed by scientific research and real results. The price is not bad at all considering what you get. FYI, niacinamide is great for helping skin retain moisture and healing the skin barrier. I love tone and glow! I also ordered the Restorative Cleanser but haven't tried it yet. (Posted on 1/17/2013)
I am grateful that BioRenew actually cares about their customers and assisting them in achieving results. Thank you Amy for your expertise and concern. When I first used Tone and Glow it took my dry, sensitive and aging skin a short time to adapt. It has been a few weeks now and I am beyond pleased with the results. My sun damage spots are already lighter. My overall tone is softer, smoother and brighter. I have noticed a decrease in my crows feet and the nose to mouth lines are diminished. I need less makeup and don't feel as unattactive without it. I highly recomend this product and I am so glad that I found it. THANK YOU for producing this wonderful skin care line. (Posted on 1/4/2013)
Definitely will improve your skin Review by A Dorazco
I have been using the tone and glow corrective therapy for about over a month now and I have to say I am very pleased with the results. My cheek area had quite a bit of brown spots (pigmentation?) due to sun damage and this product has definitely helped in lighting the spots and giving my skin an overall radiant look. Not only that, but the tone and glow has also helped in controlling minor breakouts I was experiencing. It’s a great everyday moisturizer that will definitely improve the look of your skin. You have to use the product continuously in order to see results, but if you stick with it, you won’t be disappointed. I would highly recommend trying the tone and glow corrective therapy. (Posted on 11/29/2012)
Brightness and glow - good skin care Review by Anna
My skin no longer has surface dryness. It is very smooth and seems to be more firm. It also has a brightness or glow, like the glow you get right after an exfoliating facial. But the glow has lasted all month! (Posted on 11/15/2012)
Fountain of Youth! Review by Kim
Thank you!
Just an fyi, I have had so many people ask me if I have had "work done" on my face:) I have been giving out the web site like crazy!
Thanks again for the fountain of youth!
Kim (Posted on 8/3/2012)
Fast Results!! Review by Lela F.
This is one of my all time favorites. As a 56 year old female, it is rare to see results this good in such a short period of time. Goes on very smooth and a little goes a long way. My skin looks better and feels better. Overall a must have. (Posted on 7/22/2012)
Results beyond expectations! Review by Don T (Age 60)
I've used moisturizers for a long time to treat dry skin. They always felt sticky and oily. I heard of a new product, BioRenew Tone and Glow, so I tried it out. Non-greasy, it smoothed, firmed and brightened my complexion in only a few days (like a baby's bottom). To my surprise, people even took notice at the gym. Both men and women said, "You know, you've really got great skin. What's your secret? I sure wish mine could look so good." Results beyond expectations! Many thanks to BioRenew Tone and Glow. (Posted on 5/1/2012)
I'm a believer! Review by Sasha B.
You have mastered a skin care formula that works! I have been using my BioRenew Corrective Therapy sample for only 3 days and already see a difference! Anyone who knows me knows I am allergic to pretty much every product-it is incredible to try one for the first time my face doesn't reject. There are so many out there that claim to work naturally with my skin and my face just revolts, but this actually does what it claims to do. I'm a hooked believer! (Posted on 4/3/2012)
Best Product Ever for Hydrating and Softening Skin! Review by Kathy H.
Thank you Rick (pharmacist) for developing this amazing skin care line and for your help in finding the right product. Having tried a large majority of the highest end products in department stores and those recommended by dermatologists (at twice the cost), my search has come to an end. I am 59 years old, with sun-damaged, yet sensitive skin, reactive to many ingredients including added fragrance. I found the Tone and Glow Corrective Therapy to be pure, light, and non-occlusive. It has diminished the look of lines and wrinkles and hydrated my skin. My face is so soft! I LOVE this product. I can honestly say I look 5 years younger! (Posted on 3/6/2012)
Great serum, love using it everyday! Review by Diane Benco
I love using the Tone and Glow corrective therapy, I was so excited to see quick results. I've been using the Tone and glow for 2 weeks and the serum feels great going on my face, my skin looks brighter. It's not sticky and had a nice clean sent. I'm going to continue using this product. (Posted on 1/10/2012)
Best Product Ever Review by Cindy T.
This skincare product dose wonders on my face. I have already used up my first bottle! It brightens up my face skin tone and visibly reduces my brown spots caused by sun damage. And it dose not irritate my sensitive skin at all. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone looking to have more youthful and glowing skin. (Posted on 12/27/2011)
Lightened my skin Review by Richard D
I am a 59 year old who has trouble uneven skin tone and age spots. They have gotten worse over the last 5 years. After trying the Tone and Glow I saw the age spots diminish and skin looks brighter. I have tried several different products but this one works the best. (Posted on 12/21/2011)
Best product I EVER used! Review by Julia R.
Within days of using the Tone & Glow, I have noticed fast and outstanding results. I always get compliments on how my face glows. I would recommend this product to woman of all ages. I love it! (Posted on 12/21/2011)
Brighter face-highly recommend! Review by Kim Bran
I am so impressed with this new line of products! The Tone and Glow has even my skin tone and brightened my face. BioRenew has done an excellent job with these advanced products and they are worth every penny. Beautiful skin at any age is priceless... (Posted on 12/19/2011)

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This moisturizer absolutely transforms dull skin to appear brighter and more radiant. It reduces the loss of elasticity, sun damage, and uneven skin tone which are common results of hormonal aging and environmental damage.

  • Enhances visible firmness
  • Restores radiance and luminosity
  • Brightens overall complexion
  • Hydroquinone-free
  • Gluten-free

1 oz / 30 ml


Before & After Photos

Age Spots Before and After

100% saw an improvement in skin brightness

92% saw age spots diminish or lighten

100% had a significant improvement in skin softness


Water, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C Ester), Glycerin, Cetyl Dimethicone, Polyethylene (AND) Sodium Polyacrylate, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Cyclopentasiloxane, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Aromatic Fruit Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Aromatic Extract, Cananga Odorata Flower Extract, Elettaria Cardamomum Aromatic Seed Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Bisabolol, Ergothioneine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Beta-Carotene, Panthenol, Allantoin, Sorbitol, Phospholipids, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

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